Wildlife Watch Part 2

Suitable for: Early Years, Primary, Secondary   

Scotland holds some of the most diverse landscapes in the UK. From the remote mountain habitats of the UK’s highest peaks and the extensive expanses of blanket bog and upland heath to wooded glens, Caledonian pine forests, lochs, coasts and sea, Scotland’s varied habitats support a wide variety of wildlife, including species found nowhere else in the UK.

According to the RSPB 2019 State of Nature Report, prior to 1970 there was widespread loss and degradation of habitats across Scotland, dating back many centuries, from which the country’s wildlife has not recovered.


You'll need:
• A big imagination

Following on from Wildlife Watch Part 1, we are now going to look at how we can care for our chosen animal. We could decide to help them out with a new habitat, or better access to food? The tricky part is figuring out what our chosen animal likes and then using our imaginations to think of the best way to help them.

There are some examples below of what you could do, depending on what animal you have chosen. BUT remember to do some reading on your animal to make sure whatever you do benefits them. For example, if you choose Bumblebees, leaving out seeds for food will not help them as much as a bug hotel, or planting more ‘bee friendly’ flowers.

How to build a bug hotel.

How to build a bird house

How to make a bird feeder from an apple.

Here are some ways to encourage bees into your garden.

Gardening for Wildlife

Submit a picture or video or photograph explaining what you have done and which animal you are helping, using the social media tags below.

Good luck and have fun!

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