Action Plan

The Action Plan is a working document and is the core of your Eco-Schools work.

Action Plan

  • Your Action Plan is a working document and should be included in the school improvement plan.
  • Your Action Plan will cover one year for a First Green Flag Award and two years for a Green Flag Renewal.
  • All pupils can submit suggestions for action to the Eco-Committee.
  • Your Action Plan addresses our Core Eco-Schools Topic (Litter & Waste) and two other chosen topics.
  • Choose one UN Sustainable Development goal to tie together your actions for our Core Topic (Litter & Waste) and your two other chosen topics where possible.
  • Your Action Plan must include a community Clean Up every year. You can link this Clean Up to any one of the Ten Topics.
  • Pupils on your Eco-Committee take responsibility for leading some action areas.
  • Your Action Plan must include timescales and details of how progress of an action area will be measured and evaluated.
  • It may be useful to adapt this to be displayed on the school’s Eco-Schools noticeboard in a clear, pupil-friendly format.

Action Plan Template

Please use this template to create your Action Plan. This is the easiest way to gather the information required for your application.

Download the Action Plan template - Word or

Download the Action Plan template - PPT or

Download the Action Plan template - PDF 

Action Plan Template- Large Format

A larger format Action Plan for use at circle time or with a group.  Print in A3 size to hang on your noticeboard.

Download the large format template

Family Action Plan Template - for Home

An Action Plan for use at home to plan Eco-Schools activities to do with your family.  Goes with our home Environmental Review.

Download the Family Action Plan

Your Draft Action Plan is due to be submitted 3 months after starting your application.

Making your Action Plan visible

In order to keep everyone in the school up to date with your Eco-Schools projects, your Action Plan should be displayed on your Eco-Schools noticeboard.  Have a look at some examples below for some inspiration!

Example Action Plans

Here are some examples of what your Final Action Plan should look like. These examples are compiled from actual applications.

We do not expect the Evaluation column to be completed until you submit your final application.

Have a look at the examples below for an idea of what your Action Plan should look like:

Urban Nursery

Suburban Primary School 1

Suburban Primary School 2

Rural Primary School

Suburban High School

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