Environmental Review

The Environmental Review helps your Eco-Committee decide which Topics to work on.

Environmental Review | Award Criteria

  • The Environmental Review is carried out by your Eco-Committee.
  • You can complete your Environmental Review in the Online Application System or use our template.
  • Carry out your Environmental Review at the start of each Green Flag Journey.
  • The Environmental Review involves as many pupils as possible and results are shared with the rest of your establishment.
  • The results are used to inform your Action Plan.

How to Conduct an Environmental Review

This video will explain what is involved in an Environmental Review, and the different ways you can conduct one in your school including in our Online Application System, and PDF template.

A full playlist of Eco-Schools guidance videos can be found on our YouTube channel. 

Conducting an Environmental Review will enable you to set realistic targets and measure your success.

The results from your review will help you focus your ideas and can be used as the basis of your Action Plan. Once you have completed the review, you should be able to identify which aims and actions to focus on over the course of your journey.

The Environmental Review should be carried out once for every Green Flag journey to support your work.

Environmental Review Template NEW!

Use this template to complete your Environmental Review.

The new versions of our Environmental Review have been designed to be shorter and easier for pupils to complete, with clear instructions to guide you. 

There are two versions to choose from in editable pdf format so you can complete them on a computer, or print.

The pictorial Environmental Review includes Boardmaker Symbols, thanks to Tobii Dynavox.

You can also do an Environmental Review at home, which you can use as evidence for your school's Green Flag Award.

Download the Environmental Review: 

Editable PDF 

Luchdaidh a-nuas an Lèirmheas Àrainneachdail:

PDF Gàidhlig (Editable)

Download the Pictorial Environmental Review:

Editable PDF

Luchdaidh a-nuas an Lèirmheas Àrainneachdail le Dealbhan

PDF Gàidhlig (Editable)

Do an Environmental Review At Home

PDF for printing

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