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Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Our Health & Wellbeing Topic covers all aspects of health - both physical and mental. Environmental quality problems like litter, dog fouling, graffiti and flytipping all affect the quality of life of people living in Scotland, with higher levels of depression and illness amongst people who live in areas with poor local environmental quality.

The Health & Wellbeing Topic has some natural overlap with Food & the Environment, Transport, and Litter & Waste


Curricular Map: Health & Wellbeing

Experiences and Outcomes related to the Health & Wellbeing Topic

Health and Wellbeing Live Lessons

Interactive lessons and classroom resources to support your work on the Health & Wellbeing Topics. Join us 7th November 2023 with ASH Scotland.

Our Resources

Place Standard Tool
A simple framework to structure conversations about place. 

Thinking About Food
Get pupils thinking differently about the food that they eat.

Resources From Other Organisations

BBC Bitesize - Health & Wellbeing
BBC Bitesize is the home of study guides and class clips for a variety of curricular subjects across all levels.

OPAL Air Survey
Good air quality is essential for our health and for the wellbeing of our environment. Study lichens and tar spot fungus to find out about air quality near you and help scientists answer important questions about air quality across the UK.

Rethink Periods
Free schools programme updating mainstream period education in primary and secondary schools.

World's Largest Lesson - Goal 3
Download lesson plans, comics and other resources on food to use in your classroom.

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