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Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

The Global Citizenship topic is where you can include work on other initiatives like Fairtrade Schools, and Rights Respecting Schools in your Eco-Schools journey. You might also like to tell us about any fundraising projects for charities, foodbank donations or charitable recycling. Lastly, individual awards like The John Muir Award, and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award are also welcome in this topic.

The Global Citizenship Topic has some natural overlap with Climate Action and Health & Wellbeing.

Curricular Map: Global Citizenship

Experiences and Outcomes related to the Global Citizenship Topic

Global Citizenship Live Lessons

Interactive lessons and resources to support your work on the Global Citizenship Topic.

Our Resources

Campaign for Change Letter & Email Template
Use your voice to ask for change

Children's Rights Activity
Meet Adline who lives in Haiti and learn about your rights. 

Global Citizenship Codebreaker
Can you break the code?

Global Citizenship Live Lessons
Interactive lessons on our Global Citizenship topic

My Invention That Will Save the Planet
Design an invention that will solve an environmental issue.

Scotland 2100 (10+)
Welcome to the future. Map how climate change has impacted your community. 

Visualising Climate Futures (7+)
Imagine a positive climate future.

Wardrobe Audit
Have a look in your wardrobe and think about how we can take care of our clothes to make them last.

A puzzle full of words related to Global Citizenship


Resources From Other Organisations

Education Scotland - Community Resilience
Find out about community resilience as a context for learning within Curriculum for Excellence

Fairtrade Fortnight
Learning through Fairtrade opens up a fascinating world, revealing how we are all connected.  Download curriclum resources to discover where your food comes from.

Data visualisation tools to explore global statistics using photos. Fact based resources for exploring issues of world hunger, poverty, life expectancy and GDP with pupils.

Ideas - Signposts for Global Citizenship
A selection of the best resources on Global Citizenship and Learning for Sustainability put together by IDEAS.

Royal Geographical Society - Gender Inequality in Geography
Article and podcast reflecting on the history of geography and women geographers campaigning for gender equality.

Stride Global Citizenship Magazine
A brilliant magazine full of inspiring articles and useful resources. Stride aims to be a source of inspiration and support for teachers delivering education for Global Citizenship in Scotland.

Stride Magazine - Cotton Field to Jeans: Winners & Losers
This classroom activity asks pupils to reflect on inequality within the cotton industry.

Stride Magazine - My Clothes and Me
Love fashion, hate school uniform? What do you know about the clothes you wear? This classroom activity explores different opinions towards fashion and consumption.

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