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Energy is something we all use every day and it comes from a variety of sources: fossil fuels, nuclear, wind, solar and tidal. Global energy consumption is increasing overall, but not everyone has equal access to energy in various parts of the world.

The Energy Topic has some natural overlap with Water, Transport and Food & the Environment.

Curricular Map: Energy

Experiences and Outcomes related to the Energy Topic

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Resources From Other Organisations

Earth Hour Pledge
Earth Hour is one special hour to turn off the lights in our classroom or home and think of ways we can help the environment. What will you do for an hour without electricity?

Energy Investigators
Understanding where energy comes from and how not to waste it is key to reducing carbon emissions.

Energy Savers Activity
If we could all reduce our energy usage we could significantly reduce our carbon emissions. 

Energy Source Game (9+)
Learn about the pros and cons of different sources of energy and heat.

Energy Sparks
Online energy analysis tool and education programme to help schools become more energy efficient.

Low Carbon Skills
Films and resources made by pupils about how consumer choices can fight climate change.

World's Largest Lesson: Energy & Global Goals
Free downloadable classroom activity for 8-11 years examining the link between sustainable energy production and poverty reduction.

Young People's Trust for the Environment - Energy Factsheet
A factsheet on Energy including various forms energy can take and the story behind humans, energy, fuel and the environment.

Youth Club Audit (10+)
See if you can reduce the carbon footprint of your Eco-Committee or Youth Club. 


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