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Litter Less Plus

Litter Less Plus

Litter Less Plus

Acting against pollution - January to December 2023

Following on from FEE’s GAIA 20:30 Biodiversity Campaign, they are now targeting environmental pollution with Litter Less Plus. 

Litter Less Plus will focus on reducing litter, waste and invisible pollutants by encouraging more responsible consumption (and production) of things and taking a circular economy approach to the way our homes, schools, businesses and communities work.

The campaign features webinars, activities and the opportunity to apply for one of 60 grants worldwide to support circular economy projects.

Here's how your school, nursery, after school club youth group, or uniform group can get involved through Eco-Schools, LEAF or Young Reporters

Take a quiz

How much do you really know about pollution? Take a Litter Less Plus Quiz to test your knowledge about responsible consumption and the negative impacts of litter and waste!

Take a quiz

Take a quiz
Take a course

A collection of courses on circular economy are now available on FEE Academy

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Share Best Practice

Has your school done a project on litter, waste or Circular Economy that you'd like to share? 

Educational Grant

Schools and groups in both formal and informal education settings can apply for grants of up to 500 EUR to support projects on circular economy. There are 60 grants worldwide.

Find out about FEE

Find out more about the work of the Foundation for Environmental Education including their education programmes Eco-Schools, Learning About Forests and Young Reporters for the Environment and environmental quality awards Green Key and Blue Flag.

Visit FEE website


FEE - Curricular Framework for Advancing Circular Economy

The framework is intended to support curricular developers in integrating concepts linked to Circular Economy into teaching, including in the educational standards that guide the curriculum and in the content used to engage educators and students in the classroom and beyond.

Download the framework in PDF here.


FEE - E-SPACE Lesson Plans

A set of resources developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education introducing the concept of a circular economy through activities. Designed to link well with Eco-Schools. 

Download the full set of lesson plans here.

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