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Online Application System Guide

Online Application System Guide

This guide will take you through our Eco-Schools online application system. If you are new to Eco-Schools we recommend reading about the Seven Elements first to learn what is required for a Green Flag Award.  

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Online Application

Welcome Page 
From this page you can manage your school details and contact information, see your Award History and start a new application.


Can I change the email address we use to login with? 
Yes. In the ‘Eco-Coordinator Password Management’ page you can change the email address for your school account. However, please think carefully before changing this address. If you change this to a staff member’s email and that person leaves the school, they may still have access to the school’s details and applications. 


Can I have multiple contacts for our school? 
Yes. You can add school contacts to receive updates on your application. Click on ‘School Details’ to see contacts for your school. Please ensure these details are correct so feedback reaches you. You must confirm your contacts are correct when you ask for feedback or submit an application.  


Can I view our previous applications?  
Yes. Click on ‘Award History’ to see your school’s previous awards. You can view details and feedback for applications completed since 2019 by clicking on ‘View Journey Report’. You can also see the dates of any older awards.


Application Page 
Your entire application is contained within one page. You can use the side menu to navigate back to the home page and to jump to each part of the application. Within the side menu you will find a link to complete your Environmental Review online and save it as part of your application. There is also a notes section that can be used to store information for future reference.  


Will changes I make to my application save automatically? 
No so please remember to click on ‘Save Progress’ regularly.

Your session will time out after 20 minutes and the system will ask if you want to stay logged in. Please save your progress again after choosing to stay logged in so nothing is lost. 


Can pupils complete the application?  
Yes. We would love pupils to complete some or all of the application if they are comfortable doing so and we always like to hear from pupils in their own words. Email us to request a pupil username and password.  

Pupils are not able to change their password, submit an Action Plan for feedback or submit the final application. As Eco-Schools Coordinator you must check that you are happy with the application and that school contact details are correct before submitting anything for review.   

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Please complete each section of your application as follows (mandatory requirements are marked with a *).


  • Confirm that you have an Eco-Committee in place. *
  • Tell us who is leading your work: which year groups/classes are they from? How are they chosen?
  • Tell us how many people are in your Eco-Committee. Don’t worry if this number fluctuates during your Green Flag journey.

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Environmental Review

  • Confirm you have carried out an Environmental Review and select the method you used.*
  • Tell us about the results of your Review. Did it help you decide your aims for your application or highlight good work already being carried out?


Where do I find the Environmental Review? 
We encourage you to complete your Environmental Review online within the online application system (click 'Complete Environmental Review online' in the side menu). You can also complete a pdf version of the Environmental Review, which is available on our Environmental Review page, or create your own version. 

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Action Plan

You must use an Action Plan to record your progress and outcomes throughout your Green Flag journey. You can find templates on our Action Plan page.

In this section you need to confirm that you have created a Draft Action Plan *. There is space to upload your draft or add a link to it. You can then request feedback on your Draft Action Plan, if you would like to (strongly recommended). You will be asked to confirm your contact details are correct before you are able to request feedback.

Action Plan requirements:

  • Your Draft Action plan must cover two years for a renewal application, or one year for a first application or if your last Green Flag Award has lapsed. Please make sure the date range is clearly noted on your Action Plan.
  • Please upload your Draft Action Plan within three months of starting your application, or three months from the date of your last Award.
  • You must choose Climate Action as a Topic.
  • You must carry out at least one litter pick per year.


    Do I need a separate Action Plan for each Topic or each year? 
    No. Please submit one Action Plan that includes evidence for your whole Green Flag journey and all the Topics you’ve chosen.


    How many actions do I need for each Topic? 
    You need at least nine actions across at least three topics- although many schools choose to do more. It's important to remember that actions that don’t turn out the way you’d planned are still valid!


    Do I have to structure my Action Plan around Eco-Schools Topics? 
    No. Many schools find it useful to structure their aims around Topics especially when they are new to Eco-Schools.

    Some more established Eco-Schools find structuring their aims around one or two larger projects works better for them instead. If this applies to your school please note all the Topics your work covers on your Action Plan and make sure you include at least nine actions in total. Link to example here?


    Why is receiving feedback on our draft Action Plan now optional?
    Feedback is now optional because some established Eco-Schools are confident in their aims and actions and feel that they don’t need it.  However, we strongly recommend that you request feedback to ensure your Action Plans meet the Award criteria.

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Select the Topics you will be working on *. You must select Climate Action plus at least two other Topics.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Select the Sustainable Development Goals that relate to your Eco-Schools work *. You can select as many Goals as you like.

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Measuring, Community and Curriculum

In the first part of this section you will tell us what you have achieved, how you evaluated your work, what you learned, and how you involved your community, either as part of your final Action Plan or in additional documents.

Minimum requirements *:

  • Your completed Action Plan with the evaluation column completed.
  • For each of your Topics, at least one example of Measuring.
  • At least one example of linking to the Curriculum.
  • Examples of sharing your Eco-Schools work with the Community.
  • Examples of involving the Community in your Eco-Schools activities.

You can find an evidence template on our Measuring page to help you.


What kind of evidence can I send? 
You can send upload up to three Word, PDF or PowerPoint documents. Maximum file size is 5Mb each. You can also add three links e.g., Sway presentations, or videos. If you link to files, please make sure we can access them.

You can email extra evidence to if you need to.


In the second part of this section, we will ask you for more details about your Eco-Schools work:

  • Tell us what you have learned and enjoyed from your Eco-Schools work. We would love to hear pupil’s own words here.
  • Tell us how many litter picks you have carried out and where. *
  • Tell use more about your litter picking activities.
  • Tick specific Climate Action activities you may have carried out.

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  • Confirm you have an Eco-Code in place *.
  • Share your Eco-Code with us by uploading a file or adding a link.

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Celebration Photo

Upload a photo that shows a successful aspect of your Green Flag journey. This could be a display of pupils’ work, your Eco-Committee working on a project, or a special event. Please indicate if you consent to us sharing your photo to highlight great work carried out by Eco-Schools. Celebration photos do not need to include pupils.

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Next Steps

Tell us about plans for your next application based on what you have learned in your Green Flag journey. We won’t assess these ideas, they’re there just for your reference. 

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