Help make the shift towards more sustainable consumption.

Around 200 million single-use cups are used in
Scotland each year

Around 95 million of these cups are used in Glasgow

At best, 4% of these cups are recycled.

The rest end up as waste
- in landfill, the incinerator or as litter



* data from Glasgow Cup Movement Phase One Overview, October 2020


Did you know you can #TakeItBack to recycle paper cups?


There over 120 store locations across Glasgow and Dundee where you can take any brand of paper cup to be recycled.

Typical single-use hot drink cups can not go into standard recycling bins or be recycled at home.  To avoid cups ending up in landfill, it is really important to #TakeItBack. 

So, even if you forget your reusable cup, you can still help reduce the impact of single use if you #TakeItBack.

See all the locations where you can #TakeItBack in the map below.



How to #TakeItBack?

Keep Scotland Beautiful are working with Glasgow City Council, Dundee City Council, the National Cup Recycling Scheme (NCRS), it’s members (including McDonalds, Burger King, Costa Coffee, Caffè Nero, Pret A Manger, and Greggs), Starbucks and Hubbub, to raise awareness of the opportunities across Glasgow and Dundee to #TakeItBack and #ChooseToReuse.    

The #TakeItBack campaign encourages people in Glasgow and Dundee to take any brand of single use coffee cup to any of the partnered locations for recycling. 

#TakeItBack has three main aims:

  • To reduce the number of cups littered on city centre streets

  • To increase the proportion of cups recycled and decrease the volume going to landfill/incineration

  • To promote #ChooseToReuse to increase reusable cups being used across participating retailers

Where to #TakeItBack?

Use the map below to find one of the 123 stores across Glasgow and Dundee that will both accept your reusable cup, and where you can take any paper cup to be recycled.

Click on any store for more information. 

Thanks for helping to change the system!

Click on the sections below to find out more about how you can reduce cup waste.

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