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Do you use a reusable cup?

Reuse is the best way to save hundreds of single-use cups from being used in the first place.

For individuals: a smarter choice all round

Did you know that most major coffee retailers -and many independents- offer rewards when you use your reusable cup? And in others, reusables are treated as the default, with a small charge added onto single-use purchases.

This is because there is more and more recognition of the importance of moving away from single-use items where possible.

So, be part of the change and make the move to a reusable cup. The planet -and your pockets- will thank you for it.

Click here to find out more about what some of the big coffee chains are doing to reduce cup waste.

For retailers and businesses: making reusables go mainstream

There is no denying that 'disposable' single-use items are pretty convenient, whether at the retailer end or for the consumer. They fuel our busy on-the-go lifestyles at little cost -or so we thought. 

We now know that material waste is a big issue, as reflected by moves towards banning single-use items and transitioning towards a more circular economy, where 'waste' is re-framed as a resource and minimised by clever design.

Reuse is a big part of this. So, how do we effectively transition towards a model where reusables are used as much as possible? 

This is one of the issues that the Cup Movement is looking at. And the only way to find solutions that work, is to work together.

Join now to gain access to our resources and be part of the conversation. We'd love to hear from you!

More and more, reusable cups are gaining in popularity. There are many styles, shapes and sizes to chose from. Find your own.

The rCup - a cup made of cups

Our cup recycling partners Simply Cups work with pioneering eco-product company Ashortwalk to turn cup 'waste' into a wide range of products including, rather elegantly, a resuable cup: the rCup.

Way to close the loop.

If you're looking for a reusable cup and would like to support Keep Scotland Beautiful and our Cup Movement, you can purchase a limited edition Cup Movement rCup here.

You can get a 20% discout on the retail price by entering the code GCMKSB20 at check-out.

And a percentage of the proceeds will also go back into our work to reduce cup waste.

Using your cup

When do you usually use single-use cups? Is it when you shop, travel or as part of your daily commuting routine?

Can you remember to pack a reusable cup to use instead?

One of the challenges with reusables is having them to hand when you need them. Here's some things to consider:

  • Add it to your check-list for leaving the house: keys, wallet, phone....cup!
  • Store it in your bag
  • Remember to wash and dry it, ready for the next use.


And remember, your cup can be handier than you think. Use it for all manner of hot and cold drinks and foods -coffees, teas, soups or smoothies!  Every time you use it that is one less single-use container getting used and discarded.


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