Bin it, don't litter

Single-use cups are one of the most commonly littered items. This is part of the cup waste problem.

All litter is unsightly, ruining our places, and contributing to environmental degradation and pollution. 

It is also wasteful: materials that are littered will more likely be wasted rather than recovered for recycling. At best they will be picked up and sent to landfill.

Reducing litter is a first step towards reducing waste.

Reducing cup litter

Litter is caused by those who drop it. Encouraging them to change this bad habit requires a combination of education, information and infrastructure.

We've done a lot of work on litter reduction messaging and interventions and we will be using this to target cup litter directly as part of Cup Movement.

In addition, by encouraging reuse and recycling, we also hope to see an indirect drop in the amount of cups that litter our country. 


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