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Keep Scotland Beautiful's biodiversity campaign aims to encourage and enable planting for pollinators, specifically bumblebees and butterflies, and to increase biodiversity.  We offer community groups, organisations, schools and individuals the opportunity to apply for and receive seeds to grow native scottish flowers, helping butterflies and bumblebees to flourish. There are also resources to inform people about what they are planting, how to maintain and benefit from their plants, and why this is an important thing to do for our wildlife. This campaign hopes to help people reconnect with their environment and learn about biodiversity while creating a healthy and diverse outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. 



By registering your interest, you will be able to apply for seed mixes crafted especially for our pollinator pals, as well as resources that will give you some of the know-how about biodiversity, pollinators, and how to maintain and benefit from your new biodiverse space! With access to an array of online resources, and the opportunity to tell others about your success, help us make a buzz about biodiversity!