Award-winning beaches must be clean. In a time where marine litter - both discarded and that which is washed onshore - presents a national issue, award-winning beaches show leadership in tackling beach litter and keeping the coastal environment clean.

To meet the requirements of the Beach Award, the following criteria relating to cleanliness must be met.

Major criteria:

  • The Beach, intertidal area, backshore, dunes and any surrounding areas connected to the beach operation (e.g. carparks, playgrounds and amenity areas) must be predominantly free of litter, graffiti, flytipping and dog fouling in line with CoPLAR requirements.

Minor criteria:

  • The Beach Operator must provide appropriate litter bins in adequate numbers, properly secured and well maintained.
  • The Beach Operator should provide appropriate facilities for the disposal of dog waste.

Best Practice:

  • The Beach Operator should provide adequate recycling facilities, where appropriate, and encourage beach users to recycle their waste.

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