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Add your voice to the campaign, help raise awareness, make sure your business is doing the right thing and shout about it to inspire others to follow suit.

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Available to businesses within walking distance of the campaign beaches: 
Ayr, Troon, Irvine, Saltcoats/Ardrossan, Kinghorn, Portobello and Fisherrow Sands.

What's it about?

My Beach, Your Beach supports bathing water quality improvements at certain beaches by encouraging good habits on and near the shore. Here are the key issues we're working on:

  • Litter: Litter is a growing issue across the country, damaging our places, disheartening communities and polluting the environment. When left near the beach it threatens vital marine ecosystems.


  • Gulls: Human food attracts gulls, which leads to a number of issues – harm to the gulls by ingesting litter, aggressive behaviour and  increased bathing water contamination.


  • Dog fouling: Dog poo is not only disgusting, but when left near the beach it can pollute the sand and sea and impact on bathing water quality. 


  • Drains: Blockages in our drain network are costly and can result in environmental pollution and waste water entering our bathing waters. Kitchen residues (fats, oils and greases) alongside ‘unflushables’ (wet wipes, sanitary products and others) are often the culprit for blockages.

All of these issues have simple solutions. You can help by raising awareness among customers and staff and taking action where possible.

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