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Certificates Level 5 - Outstanding
Certificate of Distinction

In 2023, G3 Growers Community Garden received a Certificate of Recognition in the NatureScot It's Your Neighbourhood Pollinator Friendly Award.

Enveloped by Argyle Street and Kent Road, through a lane in the tenements, you can find a vibrant inner-city community garden called G3 Growers.

Fruit and vegetables are now grown in what used to be a usual city back court with only empty washing lines and stowed bins. There are two beds dedicated to perennial herbs and soft fruits, and three other beds worked on a crop rotation system. The Garden also counts on some dwarf trees, a polytunnel and a greenhouse.

Members can bring their own fruit and veg waste to keep the compost bins going all year round.

With the sun and the good weather come the crops, so whoever is present at the session gets a slice of the produce harvested that day. The group loves to share their recipes on their members' group chat and to update them on what is going on.

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