CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil

CLEAR Buckhaven
Certificates Level 5 - Outstanding
Certificate of Distinction

CLEAR (Community-Led Environmental Action for Regeneration) is a small independent charity which has been operating in Buckhaven-Methil since 2012 (as a group since 2007). Run by local residents, CLEAR aims to improve the local environment and engage local people, thereby contributing to regeneration and practical climate action.

CLEAR carries out extensive planting and growing year-round (community orchards, woodland, growing spaces, bulbs-flowers) including two community gardens, as well as greenspace site improvements (parks, paths, heritage, community art) seeking positive community placemaking. They produce their own local food, run bike and wood workshops, open days and learning events. CLEAR relies on local volunteers (40-50), works with schools, college and other local groups guided by a small part-time staff team.

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