Nether Loirston Growers Association

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2022 Certificates Level 5 - Outstanding
Certificate of Distinction

A community of 31 growers who manage their affairs with a Management Committee of Allotmenteers.

In normal circumstances, they would take part in e.g. the local Gala with a table of plants and seedings. As it is, they have felt fortunate that they have their growing space and been able to share, at a distance, time with fellow Allotmenteers.

The members share expertise and vegetable plants with each other. Their home grown produce gives them great joy at harvest time. The group is lucky to get manure from the local farm and soil-improver from the company that processes the brown bin contents. They place an article in the local Cove Chronicle to keep the community up to date with their goings on: www.cove-bay.com.

The members are a happy lot but have missed socialising and celebrating the group’s 11th year with a BBQ!

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Marlene Westland

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