Let’s get Grangemouth clean (✨gLitter✨ Team)

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The ✨gLitter✨ team started as a volunteer litterpicking group and have cleaned the whole town 6 times now. They began gardening the abandoned flowerbeds on the main road through the town, Bo’ness Road. They started with bedding plants and have now moved to perennials, shrubs and evergreen plants. The group has sought support from the community and individuals through sponsorship of flowerbeds which has been very successful. They also have 10 flowerbikes placed around town to bring a smile and pop of colour; people in town love the Flowerbikes. The 2 shopping precincts in town have 3 flowerbeds each which the group took over last year. They planted 10 lamppost planters, with another 10 to do this year, and intend to add hanging baskets to the main Bo’ness Road. 😀👍🌸

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Phyllis Paterson

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