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2022 Certificate Level 3 - Advancing

Projects include green spaces through School Road, a totem pole to 'S.N.U.G’ community garden with the aims of achieving colour, positivity, pollinators and food growing. The group has created active travel trails to the beach, amenities and nature reserve, and has sustainable 20-minute salutogenic neighbourhood goals.

The group is made up of friendly, fun, non-judgemental volunteers, guests and residents of Seaton/Linksfield. It is welcoming and open to all.

Activities include gardening, befriending, peer groups, mums, crafts, tidy-ups, upcycling, walkabouts, with a focus on motivation, safe-spaces/choices, referrals, unity, resilience, diversity and digital/social inclusion. The group has a new base in the 'S.N.U.G'.

They are working with new groups: poverty alleviation, dependencies recovery, age-friendly, health, safety and wellness.

Partnerships include with the local council, ACVO, ACHSCP, RGU, SHMU. In synergy with local S.T.A.R flat, Gurudwara, groups and businesses.

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