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2022 Certificate Level 3 - Advancing

Community: The group reached out to all the neighbours in the street by letter and have set up a whatsapp group that people can be added to. They have planned to do a spring litter pick and clear up on 10th April, have printed posters for this and will distribute them to all the neighbours in Burn Road in the hope they are able to join them. 

Environment: The group has purchased waders and been in the burn that runs parallel to the green open space that they have been attending to. They have dug out old fences that were entangled in the area and cleared away parts of the burn that were clogged with old bikes and carpets. This was left in a pile, and South Lanarkshire Council, who has been supportive, were contacted for uplift.

Gardening: The group has planted some bulbs and made a border with bark and planted some beautifully bright Primrose flowers at the green open space edge. They would love to plant other items there as the children of the street love spending time with the group, caring for the green open space. 

The group is not constituted, just neighbours coming together, connecting with nature, enjoying green prescription on their doorsteps, making the community green space more loved and are making memories together. 

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