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2022 Certificate Certificate of Recognition

Community participation

The school has secured funds for a Wellbeing Wildflower Garden which will be used by pupils, staff and the community.  This will be an area full of flowers, herbs, shrubs and grasses that will be an amazing habitat for local wildlife and insects. It will also be a space for the community to enjoy, relax and reset the mind. There will be ‘bug hotels’, benches, bird baths and boxes. This space will be used for learning and teaching during the day but will also be available to the public afterschool, at weekends and out with term time. So, the entire community can benefit from this space. It will impact the environment positively and improve mental health.

Environmental responsibility

There is a committed Eco Committee at the school focused on making responsible choices regarding environmental matters. They encourage recycling, using energy smartly and are currently trying to raise funds for all children to get a reusable water bottle, helping to reduce plastic waste. The school believes in the importance of the environment and how much the environment can have a positive impact on mental health. They also believe on educating people regarding environmental responsibility; everyone has a part to play!

Gardening achievement

The school takes great care with its grounds ,and the development of the community garden will further encourage wildlife and opportunities for children to develop their gardening experience. 

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