Beverely Park and Ballochney Brae Residents Association

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2022 Certificate Level 5 - Outstanding

The group was established to promote the interests of the residents of Beverley Park & Ballochney Brae, as the community has no factor. As a result, the area was run down and neglected so the original project was to tidy up waste ground, which had been left abandoned by the builders. The group grew from this and now has various functions throughout the year including: Easter Events; Scarecrow festival; Christmas gatherings; gardening days; litter pick days. At these events everyone comes together as a community, and Easter eggs and Christmas presents are provided for all the children and there are Easter Bunny and Santa Claus parades throughout the estate. Weather permitting they also hold BBQs. The main focus remains, however, the garden areas and bringing the community together.

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Patrick Lavellel

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