Community Green Initiative (CGI) Denny & Dunipace

Community Green Initiative

CGI is a volunteer group working for the environmental clean-up and enhancement of the greenspaces of Dunipace and Denny. It is the originators of the Green Dog Walkers Project (GDW). The group runs litter picks, highlighting whenever possible the issue of dog fouling and promoting GDW. It encourages waste minimisation and neighbourhood improvements. The group’s main long-term project is the development of Herbertshire Castle Park. It secured Kelvin Valley & Falkirk LEADER funding for the Park Master Plan and for Phase 1 improvements, which have now taken place. CGI, in partnership with the council and other groups, continues to seek further funding for park improvements.

In 2019, Community Green Initiative was awarded a Certificate of Distinction to further recognise the groups' achievements.

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