Green Flag Community Award Case Study

In 2020, we supported seven community groups in Glasgow to achieve the Green Flag Community Award through Postcode Local Trust funding. Not only did we provide the groups with £200 worth of equipment but our volunteer Green Flag Award judges visited their sites and provided them with detailed reports on how to improve on their hard work and effort. 

The following details the feedback we received from Yorkhill Green Spaces and Friends of Southern Necropolis at the end of the season after successfully achieving the Green Flag Community Award.

Yorkhill Green Spaces


What does having a Green Flag Award mean to your group? 


Helps us promote the work we have been doing in the park and acknowledges the improvements and differences the group have made. The recognition has given a boost to the volunteers. 


How did you benefit from the award in your first year?


Possibly not as much as we could have due to Covid restrictions. Any other time we would have organised a community event to mark the success. We still will when it is possible, arrange to have a sign made to recognise the achievements of the community volunteers. The guidance provided by the assessor was very helpful. 


How do you see the Green Flag Award benefitting you in the future. 


Will be a good way to promote the work in the community and attract new volunteers. The process will allow us to plan how to achieve more in the other green spaces in our area. We can network with other Green Flag Community groups. 


How has the funding impacted on the group? 


The additional funding is providing us with resources to help improve the biodiversity in the park. 


Friends of Southern Necropolis


What does having a Green Flag Award mean to you and your group?


Means that our hard work as volunteers, and the Southern Necropolis has been recognised, and the profile of the cemetery has been raised within the community and beyond.


How did you benefit from the award in the first year?


The profile of the cemetery has been raised, and a good positive feeling felt within the community. We have been restricted from carrying out our usual projects due to the pandemic, and the award has given us a great confidence boost to carry on our projects when we can.


How do you see the Green Flag Award benefitting you in future?


We plan to highlight our award in future letters for funding & support to local companies etc, and keep the positive momentum going of our plans and hopes for the Southern Necropolis.


How has the funding directly impacted the work of your group?


We have been able to acquire much needed tools and resources, that will allow us to further enhance the environment of the cemetery.


Any other comments?


We would just like to once again, thank KSB for this very much appreciated award, and look forward to applying again later this year.

If you are part of a volunteer community group and would like more information about the Green Flag Community Award then head to our community page.

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