The Garden for Life Forum Mission statement

To increase enjoyment and understanding of biodiversity.

To support action by gardeners for the benefit of biodiversity.

To promote the benefits of gardening for health and well-being.

Core activities

The Forum believes it can achieve these aims by: 

  • Promoting sustainable gardening as a way of increasing people's enjoyment and understanding of biodiversity and our wildlife.
  • Encouraging and enabling more people to garden with sustainability and wildlife in mind.
  • Supporting the environmental and health benefits of people growing their own food.
  • Encouraging research which can inform and support public policy at all levels, for the benefit of biodiversity and public health in Scotland.
  • Sharing good practice between the member organisations of Garden for Life, so that we can work together to achieve our aims in the most effective and efficient ways. 

To find out about the life of the Forum over the last two decades, click here.

Organisations belonging to the Forum meet on a regular basis to agree plans and strategies, share information and to work together on projects. They have produced a series of free Garden for Life leaflets which are available here for download.


The Garden for Life Forum exists as the place for organisations to come together from across Scotland to work together to promote and facilitate wildlife friendly garden techniques across Scotland. The Forum was established in 1997 by Scottish Natural Heritage, which continued to support the work of the Forum for over 18 years.

The Forum is member led and promotes its work through its web pages and downloadable leaflets, with help from Keep Scotland Beautiful, through social media, and through member promotion at events they attend.

Membership of the Forum is open to all organisations who operate within Scotland and who have an active interest in delivering for wildlife gardening.

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