Single-use Packaging Litter Survey

Single-use packaging litter is recorded on up to 66% of our streets.

There is a gap in our data. We know what’s on the streets but we need to know how much single-use packaging is littering our parks, beaches, riversides and open spaces too.

We need your help to ensure that those that put this packaging on the market take responsibility for paying to clear it up.

There are policies and regulations being brought forward which may have the potential to make producers responsible for single-use packaging that ends up as litter on the ground.

Please carry out a survey and submit data during #SpringCleanScotland.

Together let’s reduce packaging litter in your community.

It’s simple:

1. Download or print the survey sheet.

2. Walk 50m looking a metre to each side.

3. Count what you see and log it across the 11 categories in the table.

4. Send completed counts to cleanup@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

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