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Please fill in the simple form below; we will then get in touch about the support, resources and recognition available to your group this year.

[Beautiful Scotland is for a whole village/town etc. If you are part of a smaller scale group/project such as a Friends of group or a community allotment group, please register for our sister initiative - It's Your Neighbourhood]

***In the 'Category' drop down in the form, the number in brackets relates to 'electoral roll'. You can find out what this is for your village/town/city by contacting your Valuation Joint Board. For a description of what classifies as a 'BID', 'Urban Community', Town Centre / City Centre, 'Coastal Village/Town', or 'Residential Community', please click here.

NB: To take part in Beautiful Scotland, we need to:

  • pass on your group and Contact One’s details to the Royal Horticultural Society – this gives you access to Britain in Bloom support and resources. The RHS will also contact you through the year e.g. with their newsletter; and
  • pass on your group and contact details to your group’s assigned, experienced volunteer judge(s) for guidance and support.

Please see the Beautiful Scotland Registration Terms and Conditions.

Please also ensure you read our Privacy Notice.

Registration: Step 1

To widen the appeal of Beautiful Scotland, we've introduced a non-judged category for those groups who would like to take part but feel the competition element is too much for them at this time - all groups will receive mentor support and access to the same resources.

Contact your Valuation Joint Board to find out the most recent figure for your village/town/city.

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