Keeping Duns Blooming Marvellous

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Entrant Category: Small Town
Category: Non-Judged

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KDBM is a group of around 20 volunteers who work together to plant and maintain all the public flower beds around the ancient town of Duns in the Scottish Borders. They have developed 14 beds with sustainable planting, with both decorative and pollinating plants to provide a variety of textures and colours throughout the year to give all round interest. They also have 11 planters which they plant with colourful bedding to give a colourful show throughout Spring and Summer, often using specific colours to celebrate occasions happening each year. The group’s aim is to encourage their community to work together and to bring tourists to the centre to boost local businesses plus providing an attractive place to live and enjoy.

In 2022, Keeping Duns Blooming Marvellous won the Beautiful Scotland discretionary New Entrant Award: The entry was of a very high standard. The group has lived up to their name by transforming beds, providing colourful displays and improving the environment throughout their town. The enthusiasm of this bunch of motivated and committed volunteers is evident in the wide range of activities and their results on the ground.

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Candy Philip

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