Inspiring Innellan

Inspiring Innellan
Entrant Category: Coastal Village
Category: Judged


Awards Coastal Village Trophy

Over the last five years, Inspiring Innellan has become established as the focal point for all things Innellan. It runs regular work parties for planting and regenerating work and enjoys fantastic support for the many and varied social activities which are run for all ages and abilities. Because of the support which it enjoys, Inspiring Innellan is able to be financially independent and has made many environmentally friendly improvements to the village, which are enjoyed not only by villagers and visitors but by the abundant wildlife too.

In 2022, the group won the Community Involvement Discretionary award: Inspiring Innellan epitomises ‘Community’. Their Beautiful Scotland judges commented that they had never seen so many, and such a large cross section of the community when they visited. All age groups are involved at all times of the year through the wide range of activities offered, and those doing the heavy work are extremely well looked after by others organising refreshments. One particular project exemplified this, in having ‘something for everyone’, from discussion with the children the judges met and how they enjoyed contributing and what they got from it, to the obvious use a wildlife hide was getting from all age groups. The judges commented that they had never been to a group and come away with such an overwhelming sense of community.

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Eleanor Stevenson

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