Lanark in Bloom

Lanark in Bloom
Entrant Category: Medium Town
Category: Judged
2022 Certificate

Silver Gilt

Silver Gilt

Lanark in Bloom is a friendly group of like-minded volunteers who aim to provide 'A little colour' to their town.

Through Horticultural practices and strong supportive relationships with Lanark's people, businesses, schools and other community/environmental groups, they have been able to work together to attain... 3 years running… "Gold award" status for the historical town of "Lanark".

In 2019, Lanark in Bloom won the 'Haddington 700 Discretionary Award' for Castlebank Park: Since 2012, Lanark Community Development Trust has been working to restore the jewel in Lanark’s crown – Castlebank Park. Formerly an iconic park in the Clyde Valley, the park fell into disrepair and the Development Trust, in partnership with many local organisations, has taken up the mantle to restore the park to its former glory and to develop it for a sustainable future. Castlebank Park is now one of Scotland’s 71 Green Flag Parks and, as well as welcoming visitors all year round, plays host to large-scale community events such as FlowerFest and celebrations during Lanimer Week. Castlebank Horticultural Centre was completed in November 2018, and is now a rural hub for horticultural training, education and volunteering opportunities. On 28 June this year, HRH The Duke of Rothesay visited Castlebank Park and met with around 100 people involved in the park’s development including volunteers, young people, project funders and partners. Following the visit, The Prince’s Charities gave a generous donation towards the ongoing development of the park, and the group is going to consult with the local community on the type of project or new feature they would like to see. The park is free to enter all year except for Lanimer Day, when the park is used by Lanark's Lanimer Committee to host several games and activities.

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Ernest Romer

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