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Dundee City Council runs the Take a Pride in Your City campaign to improve the urban environment, working with many local groups through, for example, a huge range of litter picks, and this is being taken forward through a revised action plan. They promote and take part in many KSB campaigns, including the recent Upstream Battle campaign to stop marine litter at source. There was a city-wide celebration of COP 26, with a 6-week programme of 41 events, and the city has an ambitious climate action plan including investing in sustainable transport, for example, with 175 electric council vehicles. The university has long-standing environmental policies, for example, on encouraging travel by bikes. In terms of horticulture, some large areas have been sown with both annual and perennials to provide colour for people as well as a food source for insects, and the core volunteer group has continued its climate and pollinator themes into 2022, linking them into the Year of Stories with colours representing creativity as well as some silver for the Platinum Jubilee.

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