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Aberdeen Communities Together is the umbrella group of communities, schools, Friends Groups and partners of Aberdeen City Council. In excess of one hundred groups ranging from one person litter picks to whole communities undertaking good in bloom and voluntary works, to make Aberdeen City a better place to live, work and play.

In 2021, Aberdeen City Council won the Wright Sustainability award: With increasing awareness of climate change, the need to take action to manage greenspaces more sustainably to mitigate and reduce climate change and support biodiversity, Aberdeen City Council needed a new approach to its long history of horticultural excellence. This has included naturalising watercourses to reduce flooding and creating wildflower areas with pathways and signage, working in partnership with community groups and schools to create and manage wildflower areas, and changing the management regime in some parks and greenspaces to reduce mowing.

In 2019, Aberdeen City Council won the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Discretionary Award: In a time when all local authorities are affected by budget cuts and lack of resources, the quality of Aberdeen’s open spaces is not compromised, and the standard of horticulture displayed through the city is consistently high. Seaton Park’s formal garden with its circular bedding schemes bordered by the two long herbaceous borders which are beautifully planted and maintained and packed with colour and interest. Duthie Park’s double herbaceous border at the entrance to the park is spectacular, again, bursting with colour and very unusual to see this scale and standard of planting in a public park these days. Following its restoration a few years ago, the rock garden is coming into its own, with an interesting selection of alpines growing into the space nicely.  The David Welch Winter Gardens are undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the park, with wonderful collections of plants for different climates, two national collections and all beautifully maintained with obvious pride and skill, all weed free and plants looking vibrant and healthy. The display corridor in the Winter Gardens has year-round displays including geranium and begonia, with cyclamen in the autumn and winter, with the cycle of displays accommodating the spring and autumn shows of the Royal Horticultural Society of Aberdeen. Again, the council’s team shows great skill in the year-round propagation, overwintering and growing on of thousands of plants, to create wonderful displays. These parks and gardens are very well used by the public, with everyone obviously enjoying all that the city’s greenspaces have to offer.

In 2018, Aberdeen Communities Together was one of five groups representing Scotland in the RHS Britain in Bloom UK finals. The group was presented with a Gold medal certificate and also won the City category. The group was also winners of the Growing Communities Discretionary Award. For the full list of awards, click here.

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