The People's Project - Dumfries

The People's Project - Dumfries
Entrant Category: Large Town


Awards Large Town Trophy
RHS Scotland Award for Overcoming Adversity

The People’s Project is a local group rekindling the meaning of community, now in its twelfth year. It was instrumental in bringing success to Dumfries in the Beautiful Scotland competition and is delighted to be teaming up this year with Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Working with the Council, the community group aims to reach out further, helping to transform the entire town into a precious gem everyone can be proud of. This will include developing a rare tree planting scheme where school children come together with horticulturists from the Council to assist with the planting of and learning about the importance of these special trees.

In 2019 the Veterna's Garden, Dumfries won the RHS Scotland Discretionary Award for Overcoming Adversity: Following the loss of its previous garden when the property was sold, the group of ex-service personnel were given access to the old nursery garden at The Crichton Estate in Dumfries in 2018. The community gardening project had already proved a successful way of reintroducing veterans, some with conditions such as PTSD, to society.  Work on this project has both physical and mental health benefits. A monthly breakfast club and a drop-in centre are run, providing information and advice, with support from the NHS and The Crichton Trust. It is now a registered charity. The group has enjoyed considerable support from the local community, ranging from donations of tools and plants to specialist construction skills which helped make an old building habitable for indoor activities. It has already created an impressive number of raised beds which are now in full production. The group is also working on plans to replace the derelict B listed glasshouse.

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Robert Lowther
01556 505258

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