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Bonnie Dundee
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Bonnie Dundee is a partnership between community groups, Dundee City Council, businesses, organisations and individuals from across Dundee who collectively aim to make Dundee a cleaner, greener and brighter place. All volunteers are welcome, regardless of experience or ability.

Dundee’s enthusiastic volunteers are involved in a wide range of projects and activities each year including tending planters, community gardening, litter picks, encouraging biodiversity and helping to improve local parks.

Those involved aim to improve Dundee’s built and natural environment for both residents and visitors alike and provide opportunities for people to get involved in their local community.

In 2019, Dundee City Council won the Wright Sustainability Discretionary Award: Dundee City Council is leading on a number of innovative initiatives which demonstrate best practice in sustainability, with a particular focus on the ‘environmental responsibility’ theme. Measures to support sustainable transport in the city are evident, with a strong focus on cycling.  New cycleways leading into the heart of the city provide a cycle friendly network and secure bike parking at the station, and the Bike & Go scheme, all encourage residents to explore active travel options.  Plans to extend this further with an e-bike hire scheme are also being considered. New electric car charging hubs have been installed in the city, again near the city’s stations, and as well as using recycled materials in their construction, these are piloting solar panels on their roofs with battery storage on site, with the potential to generate enough power to charge cars for free. The natural restoration of the dunes at Broughty Ferry is a sympathetic solution to coastal erosion and already seems to be showing improvements in the stability of the dunes.  Nearby, the management of the land alongside the railway has created a local nature reserve where wildflowers are being allowed to regenerate naturally and the area is now a haven for walkers and wildlife. Elsewhere, the sowing of annual wildflower panels around the city has not only enhanced visual appearance for residents and visitors, but has evidenced significant increases in pollinator numbers, as reported by local community volunteers.

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