Carbon Literacy for rural industries

We can help your organisation learn how the Climate Emergency relates to Scotland's rural industries sector and how to respond effectively.

Through our partnership with SAC Consulting (part of Scotland's Rural College), we provide accredited Carbon Literacy training for the rural industries sector.

Delivered in collaboration, our training offers businesses and organisations operating in agricultural, food and drink, and land-based sectors an opportunity to gain a recognised qualification in Carbon Literacy to help enhance your business sustainability credentials and demonstrate commitment to reaching Scotland's net zero targets while futureproofing your business.

Developed in partnership, using our combined expertise, follow the links below to find out more about how this training can help you embed and support sustainable behaviour changes within your business and sector.  

We offer an open course for individuals, or our sector course can be purchased by the cohort and we can also be commissioned to develop bespoke courses for your organisation. 

Please get in touch with us at SACcarbonliteracy@keepscotlandbeautiful.org to find out how we can support you.

Open course - runs monthly

Are you an individual, or organisation keen to make the training available to up to three colleagues?  If so, this open course is for you. 

The one-day course will provide a recognised qualification and the same foundation knowledge to level the playing field towards the Just Transition to net zero, no matter if you manage a croft or a global multinational.

For just £200 per person, you can book on to our open course and start to embed and support sustainable behaviour changes within your business and sector.

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Who is this training for?

Businesses or organisations working in the rural industries sector, including those across agriculture, rural land use and food and drink will benefit from this Carbon Literacy training.

With a growing emphasis on sustainable business activity to access funding, and on the measurement and reduction of carbon footprints in the rural, food and land-based industries, it is crucial that there are opportunities to build a broad understanding of the carbon landscape, terminology and technical information. 

The management of carbon assets and processes, is key to the future of land management, agriculture, and food and drink production, which all hold significant carbon impacts for Scotland. 

The training will provide the same foundation knowledge to level the playing field towards the Just Transition, no matter if participants manage a croft or a global multinational.

What will you learn?

This training will help upskill businesses/organisations and people involved with Scotland's agricultural, food and drink, and land-based sectors, so they have the knowledge required to successfully respond to the Climate Emergency and help move towards net zero.

We use sector-specific content to help you:

  • Understand how Scotland's rural industries will be impacted by climate change.
  • Understand sources of greenhouse gas emissions, in the sector and your organisation
  • Learn how tackling emissions within the sector, and your organisation can develop more efficient, cost-effective and resilient operations.
  • Find out co-benefits of tackling climate change.
  • Understand the science of climate change and the meaning of terms like 'Climate Emergency', ‘global warming’, ‘climate change’, ‘net zero’ and ‘carbon footprint’.

What certification will you get?

  • The course is accredited to meet the Carbon Literacy Standard by the Carbon Literacy Project, and participants that successfully complete the course receive a certificate confirming that they are Carbon Literate.
  • Organisations can move towards Carbon Literate Organisation status.

Training delivery and adaption options

  • 8 hours of learning, covering 4 modules, which is delivered online through a combination of interactive live sessions and self-study activities.
  • To ensure that the learning is relevant to your context there are opportunities to work with us to insert your own materials

Why train with us?

  • We are working in collaboration with SAC Consulting to deliver training accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project, so you can be assured of the quality of each course.
  • We are leading the way in delivering Carbon Literacy qualifications for rural industries in Scotland.
  • Our training offers the agricultural, food and drink and land-based sectors an opportunity to help future proof their business and support the drive to Net Zero.

What's the cost of the training?

Commission the trainingexclusively for your organisation:

Starting price (excluding VAT) for training is outlined below.

Training course for cohort of up to 10 participants



Training course for cohort of up to 10 participants



Additional participants (up to 5 more per cohort)

Online & in-person

£100 per participant

Carbon Literacy certification and administration

Online & in-person

£15 per participant

Adaptation fee - work with us to insert your materials (optional)

Online & in-person


Develop new sector-based course (optional)

Online & in-person

From £3,000

*In-person training may also include additional costs which we will discuss with you and outline in your personalised training proposal.

Book up to three spaces on our 'Open' course.

If you are an individual wanting to undertake this training, or your organisation is keen to make the training available to one, two, or three colleagues, you can book via Eventbritenow for our monthly online course that is 'open' for anyone. The price for this course is £200 plus VAT per person.

What's the process to develop a course?

Please get in touch with us or SAC Consulting to discuss your requirements and timescales.

Get in touch with:
Katie Murray (She/Her)
Development Manager, Environment and Place Services

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