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We can help your community learn how the Climate Emergency relates to your area and how to respond effectively.

Our accredited Climate Emergency Training for Communities will empower Scotland's communities with the knowledge and skills required to successfully respond to the Climate Emergency and help move towards net zero.

From our work supporting communities across Scotland to tackle climate change, we know communities have an important role reducing greenhouse gas emissions, through practical and innovative projects that fit the unique needs and circumstances of their local areas. And with many of these projects also helping to improve local areas and assist people in need, it's clear that communities becoming informed on how to tackle the Climate Emergency can have multiple benefits.

Who is this training for?

Communities, or community-led organisations across Scotland.

Your community might be defined by a geographical area, or you could be a community of interest that is not defined by location.

We can deliver this training to any staff and volunteers and community members.

Why take this training?

This training will help upskill organisations and people involved with communities/community-led organisations, so they have the knowledge required to successfully respond to the Climate Emergency and help move towards net zero.

We include community-specific content to help you:

  • Understand how Scotland's communities will be impacted by climate change.
  • Understand greenhouse gas emission sources in communities and your own organisation.
  • Learn how tackling emissions within the sector and your community/organisation can lead to more efficient and resilient communities.
  • Find out co-benefits of tackling emissions, such as improving local areas and developing skills.
  • Understand the science of climate change and the meaning of terms like 'Climate Emergency', ‘global warming’, ‘climate change’, ‘net zero’ and ‘carbon footprint’.

What certification will you get?

  • The course is accredited to meet the Carbon Literacy Standard by the Carbon Literacy Project, and participants that successfully complete the course receive a certificate confirming that they are Carbon Literate.
  • Organisations can move towards Carbon Literate Organisation status.

Training delivery and adaption options

  • 8 hours of learning over 4 modules, which is delivered online through a combination of interactive live sessions and self-study activities.
  • To ensure that the learning is relevant to your context there are opportunities to work with us to insert your own materials

Why train with us for your communities training?

  • We've delivered Climate Emergency Training across Scotland for communities since 2016, with training supporting staff and volunteers at community-led organisations, community leaders and more.
  • We've empowered over 1,000 projects run by communities to take action on climate change over the 10 years we managed the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund.
  • We've worked with communities across Scotland to empower them to develop Community Climate Action Plans tailored to their areas.
  • We've helped hundreds of communities to embed climate action into their local initiatives.
  • This training is fully accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project for the purpose of Scotland's communities, so you can be assured of the quality of each course.

What's the cost of the training?

Starting price (excluding VAT) for training is outlined below.

Training course for cohort of up to 10 participants



Training course for cohort of up to 10 participants



Additional participants (up to 5 more per cohort)

Online & in-person

£100 per participant

Carbon Literacy certification and administration

Online & in-person

£15 per participant

Adaptation fee - work with us to insert your materials (optional)

Online & in-person


Develop new sector-based course (optional)

Online & in-person

From £3,000


*In-person training may also include additional costs which we will discuss with you and outline in your personalised training proposal.

What's the process to develop a course?

Please get in touch with our Environment and Place Services Manager, Katie Murray to discuss your requirements and timescales.

Katie Murray
Get in touch with:
Katie Murray
Development Manager, Environment and Place Services

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