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Quarterly 'Open' Course

Quarterly 'Open' Course

This training is for anyone interested in increasing their knowledge and understanding of the Climate Emergency, and who wants to understand more about changes which will have a positive impact.

As with all of our accredited Climate Emergency Training, the course has gone through a rigorous assessment process with the Carbon Literacy Project, so you can be assured of quality. And participants completing the course have the opportunity to go forwards to be certified as Carbon Literate.

This course runs usually runs quarterly and spaces are available to book online now.

Why take this training?

This training provides a broad range of content to help you develop the knowledge required to successfully respond to the Climate Emergency, and move towards net zero. And if you are attending the training as a representative of an organisation, you'll also find the content helpful in your work life.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the science of climate change and the meaning of terms like 'Climate Emergency', ‘global warming’, ‘climate change’, ‘net zero’ and ‘carbon footprint’.
  • Understand how you/your organisation will be impacted by climate change.
  • Understand sources of greenhouse gas emissions, plus practical actions to tackle emissions you.
  • Learn how tackling emissions can help you/your organisation to develop more efficient, cost-effective and resilient operations.
  • Participants have the opportunity to be certified as Carbon Literate.

Organisations sometimes choose to send a small number of employees onto this course, before working with us to create a course customised to their own area of work and business needs.

About the training

This training is eight hours of learning and takes place over four weeks. Each week involves an hour-long online session led by our expert trainers, followed by some self-study tasks to be completed before the next session.

The course is split into four modules:

  • An introduction to climate change
  • Climate impacts and adaptation
  • Reducing emissions (mitigation)
  • Climate action and communication

We keep the training class size to a maximum of 15 participants, to allow for group interaction and discussion.

Forthcoming course dates for 2024

All the above sessions will run 14:00 - 15:00 on a Thursday.

To be eligible to go forwards and be certified as Carbon Literate you need to attend all four sessions, and complete the self-study tasks.

Price: £115 + VAT pp (includes Carbon Literate certification with the Carbon Literacy Project)

"Hearing from and speaking to others, live, who care about these topics, discussing solutions and hearing ideas and suggestions has been the best part of this course for me. I really enjoyed it and it’s a whistlestop tour of all things global warming and sustainability – and that tour definitely invites you to dive deeper!"

Bastian Altrock, Future Working and Corporate Sustainability Manager for Scottish Forestry became certified as Carbon Literate after attending our Climate Emergency Training in winter 2024.

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