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Work with us to build and accredit a customised course that completely tailored to your context.

If you want more flexibility with the content and structure of your Climate Emergency Training, we can work with you to build and accredit a course that provides maximum opportunities to help understand how the Climate Emergency relates to your organisation and how you can respond effectively.

There's also the opportunity to work with us to develop an accredited course so that you can train your own staff. 

Who is this customised training for?

  • This customised training is for organisations that want training tailored to their context that includes practical links to their own strategies, statistics and surveys.
  • It provides fantastic opportunities to start/develop a practical and successful response to the risks, challenges and opportunities that the Climate Emergency presents.
  • This training can be organised for anyone within your organisation, and at any level. We’ve trained board members, CEOs, directors, elected representatives, officers, volunteers, managers and community members.

How can the training be customised?

  • We'll introduce you to a variety of templates and material available to provide a structure for the course.
  • We'll work with you with everything from learning outcomes, to the format of the course which will total 8 hours of learning.
  • We'll invite you to supply various content such as case studies, strategies and surveys for inclusion in the course. These can be used in the live online sessions, and also in the self-study material.
  • The training can also be developed as a 'Train-the-Trainer' course, so that you can train your own staff.

Why build a customised course with us?

  • We've got experience of working one-to-one with organisations across Scotland to build successful training courses that are relevant for their circumstances.
  • We'll work with you to ensure that the training is accredited, meeting the standards of the Carbon Literacy Project, so that you can be confident of the quality of the course.

What's the cost of the training?

Course development and accreditation with the Carbon Literacy Project £3,000
Cohort of up to 10 participants £2,000
Additional participants (up to 5 more per cohort) £100 per participant
Carbon Literacy certification and administration £15 per participant


What's the process to develop a course?

Please get in touch with our Environment and Place Services Manager, Katie Murray to discuss your requirements and timescales.

Katie Murray
Get in touch with:
Katie Murray
Development Manager, Environment and Place Services

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