Youth Leader Climate Change Project

Many of Scotland’s young people are worried about climate change and keen to see action at local and national level.

This exciting new project will equip Scotland’s youth work leaders with a working understanding of the climate emergency and give them skills and tools to nurture and direct young people’s concern into positive practical action.

Although the focus for the training is Youth Workers, it is also open to young people who are leaders and mobilisers.

The Climate Strikes are just one example that shows young people are worried about climate change and want to see more action taken. The Youth Leader Climate Change Project will equip you with the tools to empower young people to turn their concerns about climate change into positive action.

Alastair Seaman, Climate Change Manager, Keep Scotland Beautiful


What will the project offer youth workers?

1. Free climate change training 

Training will require a day of study and will be offered through a mix of face-to-face workshops, self-study and webinars to offer flexibility and accessibility. Participants who successfully complete the training can gain official accreditation through our partnership with the Carbon Literacy Project.

2. Access to a toolbox of activities, resources and ideas

Youth workers will be able to use the toolbox in a wide range of settings to engage, inform and mobilise young people to play their part in responding to the climate emergency.

3. The chance to train to be climate change trainers

This will help to build the skills and capacity of Scotland’s youth work sector beyond the life of this project.

The Youth Climate Change Project is funded by the Scottish Government.

Become involved

Please contact us if:

  • You’d like to host a climate change training day / event for your youth network or organisation. We anticipate being ready to offer training sessions from April 2020.
  • You have experience of climate change and youthwork that you’d be willing to share.
  • You’d like to find out more about any aspect of the project.

To find out more, please contact Garry Ford, garry.ford@keepscotlandbeautiful.org or 01786 477184.

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