Community Action Support Programme


The Community Action Support Programme (CASP) supports communities groups across Scotland to take action on climate change. Any community group in Scotland with an interest in tackling climate change is eligible to access the free training and support available.


The CASP is provided by Keep Scotland Beautiful through its management and development of the Climate Challenge Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government.


CASP ccfcelebrate trainingTraining
Workshops take place throughout the year, all over Scotland focusing on:
-Improving carbon literacy and expertise in behaviour change.
-Improving project management and organisational capacity.



 Book training online www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/ccfevents


Highland Peer to Peer NetworkPeer to Peer Climate Networks
Through the CASP, Keep Scotland Beautiful supports several regional peer to peer networks, as well as an Ethnic Minority Network. Community groups in the networks are working towards tackling climate change and the networks are helping communities by:


-Providing an opportunity to share resources and expertise.
-Giving tailored support and training where a common need is identified.


Find your local network here


Transition Turriefield CIC Climate Change PledgeScotland’s Climate Change Pledge for Communities
Since April 2014 135 community groups across Scotland have commited to take climate action through the Pledge.


Alongside this the CASP will work to help communities to engage with the climate change agenda on a national and international scale.


In 2015 we want to support communities to get their voice heard at the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.


Take the Pledge at www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/takethepledge


CASP ccfcelebrate resourcesOnline Resources
The Climate Challenge Fund Resources Library provides an online location to share resources that support community groups taking climate action:

-Resources from Keep Scotland Beautiful include low carbon route maps, climate change presentations, case
studies of CCF funded groups.

 -Resources produced by CCF funded projects and third party organisations ranging from energy efficiency guides to videos.

 -New for 2015, we’ll be publishing webcasts on topics of interest to communities taking action on climate change.


View the resources at www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/ccfresources


Stop Climate Chaos Scotland


Stop -climate -chaos -scotland _369x 202Keep Scotland Beautiful has joined Stop Climate Chaos Scotland. By becoming a member of this diverse coalition of more than 60 organisations, Keep Scotland Beautiful has committed to work together to create public momentum and major political commitment to action to tackle climate change in Scotland.


Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) is working to ensure Scotland plays its fair part in tackling climate change and that the commitments set out in the Scottish Climate Change Act are achieved, including targets to reduce emissions by 42% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.


Take part in SCCS Training Days


On 26th-27th September in  DundeeEdinburghGlasgow and Inverness SCCS will be showcasing community-led initiatives to address climate change, tackle injustice and power the move to safe, clean energy we need.  You can also learn about what’s happening in Paris, how you can get involved, and meet others who share your concern.


Join Scottish Communities CAN


Philip Revell Scottish Communities CANScottish Communities Climate Action Network is a grassroots network of community groups that are taking action on climate change. As a ‘community of communities’ they provide a shared vision and voice for members and work to address barriers and challenges so as to enable communities to shape their own low-carbon future and promote local resilience and wellbeing.


Scottish Communities Climate Action Network:

-Support and facilitate community groups into climate change action.

-Address barriers and challenges to action on climate change.

-Provide a voice to communicate a shared vision to the wider world.

-Broadcast good practice and innovation.


Most recently Keep Scotland Beautiful was pleased to have Scottish Communities Climate Action Network Chair Philip Revell, speak at our 2015 Climate Challenge Fund Gathering on 22 June in Glasgow.


Join Scottish Communities Climate Action Network


Membership of Scottish Communities Climate Action Network is free, and is open to all constituted Scottish community groups which support our aims of facilitating and supporting community action on climate change, creating opportunities for partnership working and providing a shared vision and voice for communities taking action on climate change.

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