Our response to climate change

We work collaboratively with others to influence and enable action on climate change. Our response to climate change includes working to influence policy at Government level while also facilitating action on climate change at all levels throughout our programmes and activities. We are also committed to measuring, managing and reporting our own climate change commitments on mitigation, adaptation and sustainability.

Our work on climate change can be seen in our three main areas of focus: sustainability and climate change, sustainable development education and local environmental quality.

We work with organisations and communities to help people to reduce carbon emissions, improve local areas and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Our work on Sustainability and Climate Change includes the management and development of the Climate Challenge Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government. This programme involves training, capacity building, and peer-to-peer learning and collaboration in order to enable and empower action on climate change and sustainable development by the public sector and communities. We also offer accredited Carbon Literacy training to help individuals, businesses and communities across Scotland to make the link between their own lives and climate change, alongside outlining the practical steps to help tackle it.


As part of our work on Sustainable Development Education, we provide education initiatives for children, young people and educators which focus on environmental issues to improve understanding and encourage positive action.

Our sustainable development education work includes: Eco-Schools Scotland, Young Reporters Scotland and Climate Change Education, including Climate Ready Classrooms.


As part of our work on Local Environmental Quality, we provide advice, support and training to others to achieve clean and safe local environments and to change behaviour. Our work includes encouraging sustainable practice in management or green spaces through our awards and recognition schemes, supporting community engagement with local food, biodiversity, and litter and waste.

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