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Here you will find important information on CCAF branding and promotional requirements

Communications during the Scottish election period

You should already be familiar with section 2.3 of your CCAF offer letter which states:

‘No part of the Grant shall be used to fund any activity or material which is party political in intention, use, or presentation or appears to be designed to affect support for a political party.’

Thursday 25 March marked the start of a formal election period in Scotland when special arrangements apply to the handling of Government business.  The ‘election period’ means the period of six weeks prior to polling day on 6 May.  During this time, the Scottish Government must ensure that public resources are not used for party political purposes.

In order to help ensure political impartiality:

• Please do not include a quote from, or reference, any Scottish Minister or MSP in any news release, media engagement or communications activity that relates to CCAF projects.
• Reference can be made to the Scottish Government’s CCAF as appropriate – but any media articles or communications issued should focus on the way in which CCAF funded assets are being used or the impact they are having on a community, rather than suggest that they have been newly funded or announced.

The Branding and Promotional Requirements for CCAF Grantees has been updated in section 3a (press releases) to reflect the above with further updates made to section 3b (websites) and 3c (social media). Tempates linked to from this document have also been updated. This includes the CCAF press release template and the CCAF asset template.


Correctly acknowledging CCAF funding

CCAF Grantees must correctly acknowledge CCAF funding:

a. on their CCAF funded asset(s), or at their premises if the former is not possible
b. through other promotional channels where appropriate such as press releases, websites, social media, videos and via other promotional material

To assist CCAF Grantees in meeting the branding and promotional requirements we have produced a guidance document and CCAF branded templates and logo strips.

You can access all the CCAF branding and promotion resources below.

Guide to Branding and Promotional Requirements

Branding and Promotional Requirements for CCAF Grantees - This guide is designed to assist CCAF Grantees to meet CCAF branding and promotional requirements. Grantees should ensure that they read this guide before undertaking any branding or promotional activity related to their CCAF assets or grant award.

Asset Templates

Please read the Branding and Promotional Requirements for CCAF Grantees before downloading templates.

CCAF template - A3 word document

CCAF template - A4 word document

CCAF template - A5 word document

Logo strips

Please read the Branding and Promotional Requirements for CCAF Grantees before downloading logo strips.

The logo strips have been pre-set at some common sizes for convenience. The EPS format logo strips are for high resolution artwork, and the A3 version can be increased in size for branding larger assets. Please contact us via the email address below if you have any queries, or experience any issues using the logo strips.

CCAF logo strip - A3 width (jpeg & EPS)

CCAF logo strip - A4 width (jpeg & EPS)

CCAF logo strip - A5 width (jpeg & EPS)

Press release template

CCAF press release template - editable template press release for news of your CCAF funded assets.


Please contact climateaction@keepscotlandbeautiful.org with any queries in the first instance.

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