How you can take action on climate change

Everyone in Scotland needs to be involved if we are going to end Scotland’s contribution to climate change within a generation. Government, local authorities and businesses all have a role to play – but individual action can also make a huge difference. Here are our top suggestions:

  • Check out our Climate Change Guide for an overview of the key issues and ideas for reducing your personal carbon footprint. We produced the guide as part of our management of the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund.
  • Not convinced that individual action is important? Check out this BBC article to find out why Greta Thunberg and a man described as "the world's most influential living philosopher" think it is.
  • If you work for a business or are active in your community, find out how we can help you to help them.
  • Still not inspired? Watch this film produced by young people which examines how the climate emergency is affecting the Western Isles. The film was produced as part of the activities of the Community LED by Energy Champions Climate Challenge Fund project.

Climate Heroes

In need of more inspiration? 20 different people from across Scotland have been taking action on climate change in their communities. We call them Climate Heroes.

The Climate Hero Awards recognise the achievements of these people who have been volunteering at projects supported by the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund.

We are delighted to share a special publication produced to celebrate the Climate Heroes.

Find out more about all 20 Climate Heroes in the publication.

Watch discussion with six of the Climate Heroes at the 2019 Climate Challenge Fund Gathering.

A full screen otion is available on our YouTube channel.


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