Climate Emergency Training for organisations and businesses

We can help your organisation understand the climate emergency and respond to the risks, opportunities and responsibilities ahead.

Our bespoke Climate Emergency Training allows your organisation to explore how it can play its part to help Scotland achieve net zero carbon emissions and what low carbon behaviours and actions your organisation needs for Scotland to achieve this aim.


Our training will allow you to:

  • Understand the science of climate change.
  • Understand how your organisation will be impacted by climate change.
  • Appreciate the significant changes ahead as Scotland moves to a low carbon future.
  • Identify practical actions your organisation can take to reduce emissions and future-proof your business.

Climate Emergency Training is a powerful tool to catalyse organisational change in response to the climate emergency. Training is developed specifically for the context of your organisation, ensuring maximum relevance to learners.

The training consists of one day’s worth of learning (8 hours), which can be delivered online over several sessions, using a combination of live sessions and self-study activities. Online training adds the additional benefit of flexibility, allowing learners to progress elements at their own pace, at a time which suits them, as well as allowing greater accessibility to learning opportunities.

All training is accredited to meet the Carbon Literacy Standard, which is verified independently by the Carbon Literacy Project

What is the process of developing a course?

  • We will arrange an initial chat with you and/or your team to discuss learning outcomes and the format of the course.
  • We may invite you to supply case studies, examples or strategies for inclusion in the course.
  • We will ensure that the course meets the Carbon Literacy Standard, meaning we can deliver accredited training to your team.

Our training:

  • Is tailored to the context of your business or community.
  • Emphasises empowerment and action
  • Identifies practical actions that can be taken at both an individual and organisational level.

The training is split into four modules:

  • Module 1: An introduction to climate change
  • Module 2: Climate impacts and adaptation
  • Module 3: Reducing emissions (mitigation)
  • Module 4: Climate actions and communication


We keep the training class size to a maximum of 15 participants to allow for interaction and group discussion.

Who is this course for?

This training can be organised for anyone within your organisation, and at any level. We’ve trained board members, CEOs, directors, elected representatives, officers, volunteers, managers and community members.



All prices are subject to VAT

Development of a bespoke accredited course for your organisation Circa £3,000
Cohort of up to 10 participants £1,500
Additional participants (up to 5 more per cohort) £100 per participant
Carbon Literacy certification and administration £15 per participant

We also offer a ready to go Climate Emergency Training in Scotland course which can be provided for you directly in cohort groups or you can book individual team members on to our rolling quarterly course.

And we have our new Climate Emergency Training for Biodiversity and Nature.

Introductory Training

If you would like to find out more about climate change before bringing our Climate Emergency Training to your organisation, we also offer:

  • A climate change workshop. A 90-minute interactive workshop, blending knowledge with practice, that will get all involved in a discussion about climate change. Suitable for up to 20 participants.
  • An informative webinar with Q&A. This covers the basics of climate change: what is causing it, why it is a problem, and importantly, what can be done. 60 minutes including a live Q&A. Suitable for larger groups.

Both options are £500 + VAT.

Contact us (below) if you would like to book any of our training options.


Who have we trained?

Recent clients have included:

Next steps

If you would like us to bring our Climate Emergency Training to your employees and your organisation, please get in touch today.


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