Why apply?

Climate change impacts on all of us and we need collective action to tackle it. Communities across Scotland have a crucial role to play. 

If your community-led organisation wants to run a project that tackles climate change through reducing local carbon emissions, the Climate Challenge Fund could help.

Community-led action on climate change

Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) projects aim to reduce local carbon emissions, helping to tackle climate change while improving their communities.

Projects awarded CCF funding have reduced local carbon emissions through energy efficiency improvements to community owned buildings, home energy efficiency advice, lower carbon travel options, community growing initiatives and schemes to tackle waste.

We were pleased to speak with Julian Holbrook of Growing Together Midlothian at the CCF Food Gathering in 2018 where he explained more about the type of projects supported by the Fund.

In addition to helping in the fight against climate change, CCF projects have improved local facilities and provided employment, training and volunteering opportunities. Projects have also brought communities together, tackled issues such as fuel poverty and improved health and wellbeing.

We were pleased to speak with Alex Hilliam from Hilliam Research and Analysis at the CCF Gathering in 2018 and hear his perspective on some of the additional benefits of the CCF. 

Find out more about applying for CCF funding or view more videos and case studies that demonstrate to impact of CCF projects.

About climate change

Human activities have increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, causing our planet to warm and our climate to change.

We were delighted to have Heather Reid OBE attend the 2018 CCF Awards where she spoke to us about climate change worldwide and in the UK.

In Scotland we expect sea level rise as increased temperatures cause seawater to expand and ice sheets worldwide to melt. This will threaten our coastal communities with flooding. In addition to increasing temperatures we expect more extremes of weather. This will affect our infrastructure, the crops we can grow, our ecosystems and our natural plants and animals. Some of these changes are happening now.

We are pleased to offer many free opportunities through the CCF where community-group members and individuals can learn more about the causes and impacts climate change, plus way to tackle it.


Applying for CCF funding
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