The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) supports projects that aim to reduce emissions by working to reduce over-consumption, encourage the reuse of items, extend the life of everyday items through repair and maintenance and promote recycling of materials.

The links below detail organisations, resources and information that should prove useful if you planning or running such a project. 


Useful organisations

Greener Scotland - Information and resources regarding reducing, reusing and recycling.

Zero Waste Scotland - Delivers a range of support programmes, campaigns and other interventions to help people and organisations on the journey to Zero Waste (see below for more info).

Community Resources Network Scotland (CRNS) - Represents recycling and re-use organisations across Scotland on issues of sustainable community resource management.

Resource Efficient Scotland - Information on helping organisations to use resources more efficiently.
Warp It! - A redistribution network which makes it easy for individuals in an organisation to give away or loan unwanted items to others.

The Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) supports over 300 re-use charities helping them to reach vulnerable people in crisis whilst reducing waste at the same time through the act of reuse.

Streetbank aims to help people to give things away, share things and share skills.

The Story of Stuff started life as an excellent 20-minute online movie, and has now spawned the Story of Stuff Project.  The website has lots of excellent resources and information.


Organisations that can offer charged-for packages of support:

Lightburn Elderly Association Project (LEAP) have been running the CCF supported R:evolve Recycle Project which includes clothing Swap Shops.  LEAP can take the mystery out of running a clothing swap shop by offering CCF applicants charged-for advice and practical support, as well as providing you with tried and tested tools and resources.

Transition Stirling - Have been running a CCF Tool Library project for several years. They can provide a charged-for package of support for CCF applicants to setup and run of a Tool Library. They can also advise on outreach activity including workshops on repairing clothes and upcycling furniture and Repair Cafe events. 


Resources and guides

Zero Waste Scotland provide a great range of support to community organisations - see their What can Zero Waste Scotland offer community groups - Reuse and Recycling guide to see what's on offer.

The Benefits of Product Reuse Tool is available from WRAP.  You have to register to download this tool which calculates the environmental and economic benefits of reusing a range of items using different scenarios. WRAP produce lots of reports on waste and the circular economy.

Product Weight Protocol (formally the FRN Average Weight List) is a list of the average weight of over 200 products and can be useful for monitoring and evaluation.  A license is required to download and use the list.  The 2009 Average Weight List is available here.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation website has lots of information about the idea of a Circular Economy and how to get there.

Too Good To Waste  A to Z guide of practical ways to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle in Edinburgh and the Lothians from Changeworks.

Kirkcaldy Reuse and Repair Guide is a guide to where you can get things fixed, buy second hand, sell or donate in Kirkcaldy, created by Greener Kirkcaldy as part of a CCF project.

Benefits of a Circular Economy Report from the Scottish Government.

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