The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) supports projects that aim to reduce carbon emissions in this area by encouraging members of their community to change their mode of transport to a lower carbon option.

This means moving people away from traveling alone in cars to fuel efficient driving, lower emissions vehicles, lift sharing, public transport, or active travel like cycling and walking. Some projects focus on reducing the need to travel in the first place.

The links below detail organisations, resources and information that may be of use to anyone planning or running such a project.


Useful organisations

Greener Scotland - Greener travel information and resources.

Cycling Scotland - The national cycle promotion organisation for Scotland. They can offer training courses, administer the Cycle Friendly Awards and run national events.

CoMoUK - A charity that supports car clubs and shared transport. 

Energy Saving Trust - Can advise on a range of sustainable transport initiatives and funding.  Through the Energy Saving Trust, you can access loans for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles, grants for domestic and workplace charging. Energy Saving Trust can also provide bespoke transport advice and information on active travel.

Living Streets - The UK charity for everyday walking.

Paths For All - If your project is working on increasing walking in your local community, they can provide advice, resources and support.

Sustrans Scotland - If your project is aiming to increase walking and cycling in your community, the website has a range of guidance and information sheets or you can contact your local Active Travel Officer.

Regional transport partnerships - These were established on 1 December 2005 to strengthen the planning and delivery of regional transport so that it better serves the needs of people and businesses.

Transport Scotland - The national transport agency for Scotland, delivering the Scottish Government's vision for transport.


Organisations that can offer charged-for packages of support:

Community Energy Scotland - Can provide a package of charged-for services to support and network CCF applicants planning a community-led transport-related project that aim to reduce carbon emissions through use of e-bikes and/or electric vehicles.


Useful resources and guides

Travel Guide - This guide, from Keep Scotland Beautiful, provides advice and support for community groups running projects to help people travel more sustainably. The information is targeted at groups running Climate Challenge Fund projects, but should be useful for all. The guide is also available in pdf format. Key links from the guide are available here.

Living Streets - The website details a number of projects and resources to encourage walking, particularly to school.

Making Car Sharing and Car Clubs Work - A Good Practice Guide - From Department for Transport.

Community Car Clubs Handbook from Car Plus - A practical for individuals and community groups

Cycle Friendly Employer Award - A scheme run by Cycling Scotland.

Cycle Streets - Helps to run your journey by bike

Hands Up Scotland Survey - The largest national dataset to look at travel to school across Scotland and is produced annually by Sustrans.

Sustainable Travel smartphone apps - A list compiled by Stirling Cycle Hub.

Traveline Scotland - A one-stop website that helps you to plan your journey.

Way to Work - A website that collates funding, training and resources from a variety of organisations that can support staff to travel by foot, bike, public transport or car share.

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