Energy efficiency

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) supports projects that aim to reduce carbon emissions from energy use by working with households in their community to install energy efficiency measures, promote home renewable technologies and to reduce energy consumption through behaviour change.

The links below detail organisations, resources and information that should prove useful if you planning or running such a project.

Useful organisations

Energy Saving Trust Scotland - Helping Scotland save energy.

Home Energy Scotland - Impartial advice on making homes cheaper to heat through energy efficient measures and renewables. See their Partnership Information booklet for what they can offer to support your project. It's through Home Energy Scotland that you'll be able to access any government support for householders to make energy efficient improvements.

Local Energy Scotland - Free, impartial advice service through which you can access the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES).

Greener Scotland - information and resources on saving energy.

Community Energy Scotland - provides practical help for communities on green energy development and energy conservation.

Citrus Energy - a social enterprise that exists to help domestic and commercial energy consumers make genuine savings on gas and electricity costs through truly impartial advice and recommendations.

Building Energy Performance Support website provides a searchable database to find the energy efficiency rating of boilers and other appliances.

Heating and Hot Water Industry Council is a technical resource providing information on heating and hot water systems. There is also an 'ask the expert' option if you can't find the answer to your question elsewhere.


Organisations that can offer charged-for packages of support:

Local Energy Action Plan - Can provide a package of paid for support for CCF projects who are delivering home energy advice through providing guidance on home energy checks, home energy engagement and referrals to organisations.

Tighean Innse Gall - Based on their LED Communities Climate Challenge Fund Project, Tighean Innse Gall can provide a package of charged-for support to help CCF applicants to create LED energy communities, which are whole geographical areas that agree to join together to support an energy efficient community.  


Useful resources and guides

Save Energy in the Home is a great information leaflet from Home Energy Scotland and is available in several languages - contact Home Energy Scotland for other languages.

South Seeds have produced a guide to how they conduct an energy audit.

Energy Audit

How South Seeds conduct an energy audit.

At Home with Energy produced by Energy Saving Trust provides a selection of insights into attitudes to energy use in Scotland

Home Energy Scotland Community Contacts is a list of who to contact in your local area at Home Energy Scotland to discuss support for your community organisation

Green Homes Network - more than 1,000 properties including sustainable eco-builds, historic stone cottages, listed buildings and everything in between.

Tools, calculators and apps from the Energy Saving Trust provide information to make informed choices about renewables, home energy improvements, eco-driving and buying an efficient car.

Resources and Advice Sheets on Energy Efficiency at home from Changeworks

Advice on 'Improving My Home' from Energy Savings Trust

Planning Energy Efficiency Behaviour Change from Consumer Focus gives advice for designing projects that aim to reduce energy use through behaviour change

Communicating with Oxford Social Housing Tennents about Energy Saving is a report based on a focus group carried out by Climate Outreach and provides tips and advice on how best to communicate energy saving advice.

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