Carbon Literacy Guide

The Carbon Literacy Guide aims to inform and motivate its readers to take action to reduce carbon emissions, with a specific focus on those who are designing a community-led carbon reduction project.


This manual contains four sections:

  1. A vision of what our communities will be like in low carbon future.
  2. A brief introduction to climate change. 
  3. An overview of how our everyday actions contribute to climate change, and what we can do to reduce our impact. 
  4. A guide for developing community projects that enable and encourage people in our communities to reduce carbon emissions together.

Why not watch the recorded webinar of the Carbon Literacy Guide? The webinar introduces the structure of the guide, how to use it and explores the theory of change that carbon emissions reductions come from doing things less or doing them differently.

As the reader progresses through the sections of the Carbon Literacy Guide outlined below, it is expected that they will become increasingly focused on the kind of practical actions they want to take and refine their interest. To facilitate best use of the document, the later sections are broken up into more specific topics.

Section 1: A Low Carbon Community Vision

Here we present a vision of what our communities will look like in a Low Carbon Scotland, as developed during workshops with representatives of community-led organisations across Scotland.  Start here for ways you can engage people on developing a low carbon vision for your community.

Section 2: A Brief Introduction To Climate Change

The aim of this section is to give you a brief, but accurate understanding of the definitions, causes and consequences of climate change that will help you understand the necessity for action, and feel confident communicating this to others. Read this section to understand why action is necessary and urgent. 

Section 3: Where Emissions Come From and How to Reduce Them

The aim of this section is to give you an overview of how day-to-day actions contribute to carbon emissions and how you can 'Do things Less' or 'Do things Differently' to reduce emissions.  Read the Introduction first to for an overview and to understand the 'Do it Less or Do it Differently' approach.  See the sections below to explore different parts of your carbon footprint.  

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