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Every Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) project is as unique as the community it operates in, but there is now a wealth of experience and resources that have been created by community-led organisations working on CCF projects.

Community-led organisations have been running projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions locally since 2008. We recognise that over the past nine years a wealth of experience has been developed, as well as a range of resources.

We've created the new Grantee Forum on Microsoft Teams to help CCF projects share news, experience and resources.

The Grantee Forum contains spaces organised by area and theme, where you can post news and questions or start conversations.

If you’ve produced resources you’re proud of, or find resources online you think might be useful to others, please share these in the forum. We welcome guides, activities, workshop outlines and project tools. If you’re just starting out on a new project, you'll be able to check the Grantee Forum to see if you can avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Please contact your CCF Development Officer to gain access to the Grantee Forum.

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